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Our Staff

Executive Office

Deb Archer, CDME
  • Deb Archer, CDME
  • President/CEO
    Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau and Madison Area Sports Commission
  • Phone: 608.255.2537
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • What I do: Set the vision for our organizations’ work to manage the destination and grow the area’s economy by attracting leisure, sports, convention, and business travelers. We connect them with all of the great places to experience during their stay.
    Insider tip for visitors: Talk to people while you are here. Madisonians are friendly and eager to share their favorite spots to recreate, dine, shop, or contemplate their future.
    Best local experience: This is a tough one… it’s a toss-up between Ironman weekend and Badger Football Saturdays!
    Why I stay: I am hooked on the urban feel contrasted with the serenity and enduring beauty of the countryside, clean air and stunning lakes.

Stephanie O'Neal
  • Stephanie O'Neal
  • Executive Assistant
  • Phone: 608.441.3953
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I've lived in Madison: 26 years.
    First Madison Memory: Walking around the Capitol Square, down State Street, and over to what is now Monona Terrace where I discovered the beautiful view of Lake Monona on a blue-sky spring day! 
    What I love about Madison: Olbrich's Bolz Conservatory in the dead of winter, the pier at Tenney Park in summer.
    Madison in three words: Engaging. Likable. Home.

Partnership Team

Kristin Wensing
  • Kristin Wensing
  • Director of Partnerships
  • Phone: 608.441.3954
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • What I do: Build relationships.
    Where I came from: St. Louis, MO (though I am a WI native).
    Why I stay: Rich cultural and civic institutions, bountiful green spaces and an engaged populace--all things that make this a great, livable community.
    On Saturdays you'll find me: Enjoying the trails in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton.

Maureen Martin
  • Maureen Martin
  • Partnership Program Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.3959
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I've lived in Madison: For three years. 
    Where I came from: Milwaukee, WI
    Insider tip for visitors: Get on a bike path and see where it takes you. It's the best way to explore this city!
    Madison in three words: Charming. Eclectic. Delicious.

Keegan Vail
  • Keegan Vail
  • Partnership Assistant
  • Phone: 608.441.2635
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I’ve lived in Madison: Since 2014
    What I love: The unique intersection of nature and city, student and professional, local and international influences.
    Why I stay: Two words: Cheese. Curds.
    Insider tip for visitors: The outdoor activities don’t stop in the winter months. Hockey on the lake, anyone?


Michelle Andler
  • Michelle Andler
  • Director of HR & Operations
  • Phone: 608.441.3948
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison Memory: Eating pizza at Shakey’s Pizza, after getting new shoes at Ragatz Shoes.
    Best local experience: Too many to choose just one, but one of my favorites is live music on the rooftop of the Monona Terrace on a summer night—the atmosphere and view are both amazing.
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: In the fall I’ll be at Camp Randall when the UW football Badgers are playing at home.
    Madison in three words: Everything you need!

Ann Custer
  • Ann Custer
  • Accountant
  • Phone: 608.441.2627
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I've lived in Madison: For six years--this time around. (I grew up here, lived out of state for 30 years, and returned.)
    Why I stay: I love the small town feel with the cultural options of a big city. 
    What I love about Madison: The lakes, the bike paths, and the farmers' market.

Julie Beauchamp
  • Julie Beauchamp
  • HR/Operations Assistant
  • Phone: 608.441.2634
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I’ve lived in Madison: Since 2008, but I grew up here, lived in California for 25 years, then returned to Madison.
    Why I stay: I love Madison (and Wisconsin)—there’s no doubt it’s my home.
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: Camping/kayaking/biking in the spring, summer and fall. Snowshoeing and attending Wisconsin Women’s Hockey games in the winter.

Sports Sales

Jamie Patrick
  • Jamie Patrick
  • Vice President, Madison Area Sports Commission
  • Phone: 608.441.2621
  • Fax: 608.441.7016
  • Where I came from: Washington via Nebraska via South Dakota.
    First Madison memory: Walking from the Concourse to Lake Mendota and finally to Camp Randall on a Don McLean summer night. 
    Best local experience: Your experience, experiencing the experience.
    My Madison mantra: People. (There is someone for everyone to meet.)

Brandon Holstein
  • Brandon Holstein
  • Account Manager, Madison Area Sports Commission
  • Phone: 608.441.3950
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • What I do: Promote and market Madison as a premier sports destination with a rich tradition of hosting, establishing, and embracing successful sporting events.
    Best local experience: The Memorial Union in the summer. Sunburst chairs, food, drinks, people, music, all right on the lake? It doesn’t get much better than that!
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: At a Badger football game or enjoying a loaf (yes, a whole loaf!) of spicy cheese bread during my stroll of the famous Madison farmers’ market.
    Website I visit most:

Convention Sales

Jeff Holcomb, CMP
  • Jeff Holcomb, CMP
  • Senior Convention Sales Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.3941
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I’ve lived in Madison: 38 years.
    Why I stay: High quality of life, natural beauty.
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: Fishing or at a UW sporting event.
    Insider tips for visitors: Our local beers and music are world class.

Sarah Lemmers
  • Sarah Lemmers
  • Sales Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.3943
  • I’ve lived in Madison: For three years.
    What I do: Promote Madison and build long-lasting relationships.
    My Madison mantra: The food here is fresher than fresh.
    Insider tip for visitors: Keep it local.

Katrin Madayag-Ard
  • Katrin Madayag-Ard
  • Sales Account Development Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.3955
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison memory: When I first came to Madison, I ended up wandering around State Street during what looked like a giant sidewalk sale. Turns out, it was Maxwell Street Days.
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: I’m captain of the Unholy Rollers and the Dairyland Dolls, so most Saturdays, you’ll find me skating, emailing or volunteering for our roller derby league/teams. Otherwise, I’m spending time with my husband.
    What I love about Madison: I love the people, the vibe, the energy, and the open-mindedness of the city.

Eric Reichert
  • Eric Reichert
  • Alliant Energy Center Account Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.3944
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison memory: State Street in the late 1980s while I was in high school for the State Solo and Ensemble Festival.
    Best local experience: Disc Golf at Hiestand Park, followed by a stop at Ale Asylum.
    Why I stay: Madison offers all the amenities of a big city—with a small town feel.

Julie Vanden Brook
  • Julie Vanden Brook
  • Senior Sales Coordinator
  • Phone: 608.441.3956
  • Fax: 608.441.7007
  • I’ve lived in Madison: 28 years.
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: In the summer, at the Farmer’s Market. In the fall, at a Badger football game. In the winter… probably at a mall or Target!
    Best local experience: Exploring the Capitol building, then walking down State Street and over to Memorial Union Terrace on Lake Mendota.

Danielle Ziegler, CMP, CVT
  • Danielle Ziegler, CMP, CVT
  • Convention Sales Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.2630
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison memory: My husband proposing to me in our new home; then getting married and having our reception in the barn at Badger Farms. 
    What I love about Madison: It is a people- and pet-friendly city that utilizes the local farms to offer a variety of great food from farm to table!
    Website I visit most: for the events calendar.

Convention Services

Janine Wachter, CMP
  • Janine Wachter, CMP
  • Director of Convention & Event Services
  • Phone: 608.441.3949
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison memory: Trick-or-treating as a child at the Henry Vilas Zoo with my mom and grandma.
    What I love about Madison: The opportunity to go to a festival or partake in a fitness or cultural activity almost every day of the week. There is always something going on in Madison. 
    Best local experience: Picnicking on the Capitol lawn during the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s Concerts on the Square.

Laura Senz, CMP
  • Laura Senz, CMP
  • Convention & Event Services Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.3957
  • Fax: 608.441.7010
  • My Madison mantra: Keep calm and jump around.
    Madison in three words: Easy, breezy, beerzy, cheesy. (Okay, that’s four but it’s just so true!)
    Insider tip for visitors: Keep it local. We have so many unique restaurants and shops that are distinctly Madison.

Rebekah Stauffacher
  • Rebekah Stauffacher
  • Services Manager
  • Phone: 608.441.2623
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • What I love about Madison: You can ditch your car and do a ton of shopping, eating and wandering with ease.
    Best local experience: Trying the fried cheese curds at every single restaurant in the city. It's my goal, and I haven't had a stinker yet!
    Insider tip for visitors: Check out the 6th floor Observatory Deck at the State Capitol during the summer--you'll get a great view of downtown and the lakes!

Rick Bristol
  • Rick Bristol
  • Visitor Services Representative
  • Phone: 608.255.2537
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I’ve lived in Madison: 7 years
    Where I came from: Fremont NE via way of Buffalo, NY and Chicago, IL.
    First Madison memory: Seeing a man on a unicycle “walking” his dog during a snow storm.
    My Madison mantra: Another day, another adventure.

Maggie Weiser
  • Maggie Weiser
  • Visitor Services Representative
  • Phone: 608.441.3940
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I’ve lived in Madison: 12 years
    What I do at GMCVB: I greet visitors to Madison and connect them with resources that will help them to enjoy their experience. 
    Why I stay: Madison’s music, arts and culture keeps me engaged.

Marketing, Strategic Planning and Organizational Research

Diane Morgenthaler
  • Diane Morgenthaler
  • Executive Vice President
  • Phone: 608.441.2622
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • What I do: My work focuses on the future of our business and supporting the work of our team. 
    First Madison memory: Driving into Madison and seeing Lake Monona. Love the water!
    Why I stay: Madison has big city amenities—great restaurants, cultural arts, and music—all in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable.
    What I love about Madison: Great food, great people, great place.

Corinne Burgermeister
  • Corinne Burgermeister
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Phone: 608.441.2636
  • First Madison memory: Touring UW-Madison in January—a two-hour walk in the cold!
    What I do: I am the voice of GMCVB and MASC on social media.
    Best local experience: Take in a baseball game at the Duck Pond. Mallards fans are incredibly kind and loyal.
    My Madison mantra: Never say “no” to cheese curds!

Curt Lenz
  • Curt Lenz
  • PR & Media Coordinator
  • Phone: 800.373.6376 x2626
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison memory: Walking my first steps up Bascom Hill on a fall day as a student at UW-Madison.
    Best local experience: Taking my future wife to the Memorial Union Terrace and introducing her to something called Spotted Cow.
    My Madison mantra: See what’s new.

Kate Dale
  • Kate Dale
  • Senior Marketing Manager, Madison Area Sports Commission
  • Phone: 608.441.3946
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • First Madison memory: Enjoying the UW-Madison campus.
    Insider tip for visitors: Don’t miss the sunset from the Memorial Union Terrace, with an ice cream cone or beer in hand (or both!).
    On Saturdays you’ll find me: Boating (on the lakes), cheering (on the Badgers), or running (on the many awesome trails around the city).
    My Madison mantra: Go with the flow and jump around!

Kate Hartmann
  • Kate Hartmann
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Phone: 608.255.2537 x2637
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • What I love about Madison: The food is delicious, the people are engaging and welcoming, and the scenery is unexpectedly beautiful.
    Best local experience: State Street Halloween: Freakfest.
    Insider tip for visitors: Probably don’t attend Freakfest if it’s your first time visiting!
    Madison in three words: Fun. Friendly. Captivating.

Amy LaPlante
  • Amy LaPlante
  • Graphic Designer
  • Phone: 608.255.2537 x2625
  • Fax: 608.258.4950
  • I've lived in Madison: For 12 years, the second time around (the first was while attending UW-Madison).
    What I love about Madison: EVERYTHING! Even winter.
    Why I stay: The art, music and food scene.
    Madison in three words: Easygoing. Creative. Home.