Caroling in the Cave - greenTONE a cappella

  • 2975 Cave of the Mounds Rd.
  • Blue Mounds, WI 53517
  • Phone: (608) 437-3038

Experience the 10th Annual Caroling in the Cave Concerts, a series of charity fundraisers and Holiday festivities featuring talented music groups from around Southwest Wisconsin. See the Cave in a different light as candles illuminate a main chamber of the Cave - a truly magical experience! A Caroling in the Cave favorite, greenTONE a cappella is an all-female, professional-level a cappella group based in Madison. They bring their vocal talents and contagious sense of fun to Caroling in the Cave each year. If you have never seen them perform in the Cave before, this is your year to be here!. In the natural caverns, exceptional, amazing and enchanting acoustics are produced in the underground where voices blend with music creating resonance and echoes in this distinctive environment.

  • Times: 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Admission: $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for children