A wide view of the Madison skyline featuring Monona Terrace and the Capitol building in the background.
Photo by Cassius Callender

The History Behind Taliesin's Culinary Connections

Food – growing it, processing it, and sharing it with others – has always been a cornerstone of the culture at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wisconsin home, Taliesin. For more than a century, Wright and his ancestors worked in harmony with the fertile hillsides to raise crops and enjoy the fruits of their…

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How Frank Lloyd Wright Left a Legacy in Madison

Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous architects who ever lived, called Madison home. His legacy can be seen far and wide on our skyline and throughout the region. Wright was born in nearby Richland Center and moved to Madison in his middle and high school years. He went on to take engineering…

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Madison's Quirky Love for Flamingos

In the fall of 1979, Madison was the site of the largest known migration of plastic flamingos in recorded history. On September 4, University of Wisconsin students and staff, trudged their way to class and were stunned to see that more than 1,000 plastic flamingos had descended upon the iconic…

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