It’s easy to find an occasion that calls for brunch. But in a city where restaurants are as plentiful as farm-fresh eggs, how to select the best spot? Here is the ultimate guide on how to brunch your way through Greater Madison.


Breakfast Sandwich at The Cooper

Not all eggs are created equal and local brunch spots deliver when it comes to egg-centric dishes. Bassett Street Brunch Club serves their Eggs Benedicto with a sun-dried tomato hollandaise and Italian salsa verde that prove a classic dish can be far from ordinary. Heritage Tavern makes their mark by frying the poached eggs, creating a perfect blend of crunchy and creamy. Love eggs but cheese is actually your #1? Then head to The Coopers Tavern where the traditional English muffin in their eggs benedict is substituted with bacon blue cheese crab cakes.


A group of friends dine on oysters at Sardine, along Lake Monona.

The best pairing for a delicious brunch is a great view. Start at Sardine, where the whipped cinnamon orange butter on the Buckwheat Belgian Waffles is just as sweet as the front-row view of Lake Monona.  Great Dane Pub & Brewing serves up their entrees with a side of outdoor patio for brunch lovers who know the best way to enjoy fried chicken and waffles is with a locally brewed beer and a warm breeze. The Capitol is always a perfect back-drop to a delicious brunch, and Graze serves up both as you sip on a cup of Magic Coffee (we’ll never tell what makes it magic!) and finish your entire Bibimbap Burrito that blends pork—or tofu if you prefer—a sunny-side-up egg, local vegetables and a spicy gochujang sauce.


Ice Cream Kid

While adults dine on The Gobbler at Crema Café, kids can enjoy their own version of the sandwich, the Gobblette, while drinking a freshly made apple and banana smoothie. Daisy Café and Cupcakery is home to adult-friendly stratas that feature ingredients like crimini mushrooms and gruyere, while kids won’t be disappointed in a Daisy specialty: grilled cheese sandwiches without the crusts. A brunch wouldn’t be complete without biscuits and gravy, and Monty’s Blue Plate Diner’s fire-roasted gravy gives this dish a kick that adults love. But not to worry, kids will leave just as full after a Mickey Pancake or brioche French Toast.


Bloody Mary

Like a hand-crafted cocktail, brunch isn’t something to be rushed and the 32 ounce Fire and Ice Bloody Mary from Bonfyre American Grille and bottomless mimosas at DLUX deliver that leisurely experience. And who says that your brunch entrée and cocktail can’t be one in the same? The Brunchzilla Bloody Mary at Nitty Gritty tops this classic drink with cheese curds, bacon, sausage and a mini version of their famous Gritty Burger. You really can have your drink and eat it too!