Should you go to Madison’s Brat Fest, held May 27-29, at the Alliant Energy Center? Here are four things to be aware of before going to the world’s largest brat fest held every year on Memorial Day weekend.

Brat Fest might not be your thing if… 

1. You dislike AMAZINGLY tasty brats (meaty or meatless!). 

Hey, some people aren’t up for brats (which in case you didn’t know are like the unofficial favorite meat of Wisconsin).  

However, we think most people ARE up for a fest that celebrates awesome Johnsonville, chicken or vegan brats and all the excitement that surrounds them.

Drink include your standards plus craft beer, wine and spirits from local Wisconsin makers. And don't forget the ice cream!

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2. You’re not into charitable events. 

Hate charity? Well, then, Brat Fest might not be your thing because it’s a nonprofit event that supports over 100 charities. Plus, it’s staffed by volunteers whose hours worked go toward their chosen charities. 

PS – Know someone who wants to volunteer? Sign up here. 


3. You really enjoyed NOT seeing free, live music during the pandemic. 

Maybe you hate fun … maybe free live music from pop, rock, funk, hip hop and country artists could be a turn off? But if you’re a fan of remembering what the rush of open-air music venues is like, Brat Fest is an awesome afternoon and evening.  

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4. You're bothered by the nostalgic good times. 

Maybe you like living in our cellphone-obsessed world, but then again, maybe you're the type of person who wouldn't mind a little childhood nostalgia.

Come on, who doesn't hold dear memories of finally winning a goldfish or the thrill of riding the Tilt-A-Whirl? In that case, check out the carnival at Brat Fest. No scary clowns -- we promise -- as you relive the child-like glee on date night, or let the kids go wild at this 3-day event.

Make a weekend of it and stay at one of the many hotels near the venue.

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The Question Remains... Should You Go To Brat Fest? 

OK, so it turns out that unless you hate tasty food, charity, and live music, you’ll probably want to make a stop at Brat Fest this year over Memorial Day weekend. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your brat selfies with #DestinationMadison. See you there!