These are hard times. For all of us. We’re all seeking a sense of comfort, trust and confidence that everything is going to be okay. We want you to know that Destination Madison and our community are here for you. And when you are ready to move forward, here are five things to help you feel more confident and comfortable meeting in Madison

1. No attrition until 11 months out — through 2024

Risk mitigation for future events is a high priority — especially given uncertainties with attendance. We get it and have a solution. Under our revolutionary One City. One Contract. Madison hotels rallied together to provide events no attrition risk, until 11 months out from your convention through 2024, for groups needing over 200 peak rooms and using either Monona Terrace Convention Center or Alliant Energy Center.

At review time, pending recent room block history and hotel demand over the event dates, you may be able to lock in attrition commitments for up to 50% of your contracted block and hold the remaining block as a courtesy until you or the hotel request further commitments. This allows you to better understand attendance behavior over the next several years before fully securing future room blocks. Read the fine print. 

2. Safe, clean and ready

Our major convention center facilities — Monona Terrace and the Alliant Energy Center — will soon become GBAC Star Certified. GBAC STAR™ is the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities. Some of our hotels are also exploring this certification. Plus, Madison’s great outdoor walkability with low population density provides additional attendee comfort. 

3. State of the art, hybrid virtual meeting capabilities with a one-stop shopping service

Monona Terrace Convention Center’s in-house equipment and tech-savvy staff ensures you’ll have the technology you need for a successful virtual meeting.

They proudly feature dual 10 GigE connections to the internet using separate internet service providers over fiber and wireless, 40 Gigabit building fiber backbone and Gigabit Ethernet to show floor and redundant firewalls.

4. Save 20% to 75% on typical event budget items

With coffee under $40 gallon, a great chicken dinner under $30 per plate and no service charge on A/V rental, you can apply these savings toward other challenged event expenses.

5. Madison's vibe fosters strong attendance

“We honestly could not have been more pleased,” said Christiane Maertens, Deputy Director of the North American Association for Environmental Education. “[Our annual conference held in] Madison with 1,350 attendees was more successful than we had ever hoped. Truly, our best ever.” 

We hear time and time again how Madison makes meetings successful — and fun. Attendees will love the bikeability of Madison (ranked number two in the nation) and all the safe ways to enjoy the outdoors. After a day of events, guests can take a bike ride around Lake Monona, paddle on our five lakes or enjoy a meal outdoors on a patio. 

When your association is ready to discuss future years we hope we can explore working together to create great event success during these challenging times.

Learn more about meeting in Madison.