What’s more beautiful than celebrating bock beers with your besties? Bockfest, happening at Capital Brewery on Saturday, Feb. 26, is coming up soon. Here’s the Top 5 reasons to go to this winter beer fest.  

1. Beer

It’s worth checking out Capital Brewery -- one of the most iconic Madison breweries -- any day of the week, but it’s really worth going during this special occasion. Bockfest will celebrate the beer release of Capital’s platinum award-winning Blonde Doppelbock and Maibock.  

2. Better things to come 

What exactly is a bock, you ask? Without getting too technical, it’s a lager that usually is kept longer in cold storage during the winter months to intensify its flavor.  

It’s said that “Bavarian monks brewed and enjoyed this strong beer as a symbol of better times to come,” according to HopCulture.com. A celebration of better times to come? Yes, please. 

3. It’s an open-air event 

Surrounded by live music (remember that?!) and delicious local food, Bockfest is an outdoor, open-air event. With Capital's expansive outdoor patio and bar, the flowing beer is bound to keep you warm! 

4. 25 years of tradition 

Yup – this is a Madison-area tradition in its 25th year. So good to see that some things don’t change! 

5. Madison's winter beer fest

Join beer lovers from all around at Madison's top winter beer fest and make some wintry memories.

Event Info 

What: 25th Annual Bockfest 

When: Feb. 26, 2022 

Where: Capital Brewery, Middleton 

Who: Ages 21+ and up  

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