Patience, Please.

Patience, Please.

Many Madison businesses are understaffed and training new employees. But their devotion to your experience is stronger than ever. Thanks for your patience, kindness & understanding.


Holiday Gift Card Special

  • Kosa Spa
    3241 Garver Green, Suite 260
    Madison, WI 53704
  • Redeemable: Tuesday, Nov 9, 2021 - Friday, Dec 31, 2021

Scarcity has provided us an opportunity to remember the abundance within us. It's time to honor our bodies and give the gift of self-care.
Through the end of 2021 we are offering our gift card bonus. This means you receive $10 for every $100 value of gift card purchased.
The cards take many forms! Here are your options:
  1. Stop by KOSA to pick up one of our beautiful, physical cards
  2. Purchase a physical card online and select the shipping option, and we will send it to your specified address
  3. Purchase an e-card that can be customized and emailed to your recipient