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A Beer, A Bite & A (Home) Brewery

  • Presented By: Brasserie V
  • Dates: October 14, 2020
  • Location: Brasserie V and The Wine & Hop Shop
  • Time: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Price: $35-40

For our next edition of A Beer, A Bite & A Brewery, we’ve got a Shyamalan-style twist for you: YOU are the brewery!

That’s because October 14th is National Homebrew Legalization Day. That’s right, your favorite hobby hasn’t been legal for that long, all things considered, and it all had to start somewhere. To celebrate, we’re partnering with our friends and neighbors at the Wine & Hop Shop for a special bundle: for $75 (please purchase one of each ticket for the entire bundle), you’ll get an all-grain kit to brew your own clone of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, a true gold standard for American IPA. And for a little extra inspiration, the bundle includes a mixed six- pack of classic IPAs from some of our favorite breweries; see below for the list, and continue down for pickup details.
On October 14th, we’ll all gather for a Zoom call to discuss the beers, the brewing process, and your thoughts on how your clone stacks up against the original. There will be a Bell's employee joining the call to answer any homebrew questions you might have. Bell's is also providing gift bags of branded swag included in your beer bundle, and are also sending over a few special prizes for giveaways.
And finally, it wouldn't be A Beer, A Bite & A Brewery without...well, the Bite! Along with your beer bundle, you'll get a special version of our Belgian Meatballs with autumn spices and a coconut cream/squash broth. And because it makes too much sense NOT to, we're throwing in a chunk of the immortal Hook's 10 Year Cheddar, a perfect IPA pairing if ever there was one.
Happy homebrewing!
IMPORTANT: Due to freshness and timing concerns, there will be TWO separate pickups for all your supplies. You can pick up your kit from Wine & Hop Shop next door on September 14th or 15th. Please note: if you are planning to bottle, it is recommended you start your brew no later than September 15; if you plan to keg, start no later than October 1st. The Home brew kit must be selected as an add on when purchasing tickets.
You can pick up your mixed six-pack of IPA from us at Brasserie V on October 13th or 14th; please select a time slot when signing up for the event. If you are ONLY purchasing beer & bites, these will be your pickup dates as well. 
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale – 7% abv
One of the true classics, this is also the beer you’ll be looking to recreate if you bought a kit from our buds at The Wine & Hop Shop! So, good luck. If you’re just looking to enjoy a simply perfect IPA, look no further than this 100% Centennial-hopped beauty.
Sierra Nevada Torpedo – 6.8% abv
The mania surrounding Citra hops may have skyrocketed with the release of Three Floyds Zombie Dust, but Torpedo has the distinction of being the first widely distributed IPA with Citra. Though old-school in its execution, Torpedo is bright and clean, with notes of tangerine and grapefruit.
Half Acre Bodem – 6.7% abv
Bodem is one of Half Acre’s newest year-round beers, but is quickly becoming its most popular. An ultra-modern take on the style without venturing into hazy territory, Bodem is ridiculously fruity, with a hop profile of melon, strawberry and ripe apricot.
Pipeworks Lizard King – 6% abv
Full disclosure: this is officially classified as a pale ale, but it’s 6% alcohol and mega-hoppy so DEAL WITH IT. Pipeworks produces a wide range of high-quality hoppy beers, though this one built the brewery. Hopped with 100% Mosaic, its flavor is rife with mango and berry notes, but with a cleanness and drinkability that belies its strength.
Revolution Anti-Hero – 7.3% abv
Are you seeing a trend here? What can we say, Chicago breweries know how to make an IPA. Though the jumping off point for a plethora of single-hop variants, the classic Anti-Hero is still one of Revolution’s best-selling beers. A benchmark for the most Midwestern style of IPA, the beer makes remarkable use of the tried and true Warrior/Chinook/Centennial/Amarillo hop combo.
Third Space Upward Spiral – 6.5% abv
Given our affinity for Third Space Brewing, we shouldn’t be surprised that one of Wisconsin’s best breweries whipped up one of the best West Coast IPAs not on the West Coast. Endlessly drinkable due to a light malt body, our love for this beer just keeps going up and up and up.