Adult Swim: Holiday Craftcaular

100 N. Hamilton Street
Madison, WI 53703

Deck the halls with lots of glue guns—Adult Swim gets crafty for the holidays!

Whether you’re super crafty or were the kid eating paste back in art class, this Adult Swim is for you. Join us for an evening packed full of holiday hijinks and enough tongue-in-cheek merriment to make the heart of the most committed Grinch grow three-sizes.

Adult Swim at Madison Children’s Museum borrows the public pool tradition of kicking out the kids so adults can have the place to themselves (just without the water or swimsuits.) This 21+ event series gives adults the space to play like a grown-up—crafting, drinking, and dancing your way through the museum. Please note, this event is not affiliated with ADULT SWIM, the television and entertainment network—they were actually very chill about it. Also, we don’t have a swimming pool.