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Barleywine Fest!

931 E. Main St., Entrance on Brearly
Madison, WI 53703

It's the greatest day of the year!


Today we only serve and drink Barleywine...


Giant Jones Barleywines being featured today:

Batch #1 Barleywine (2018) 10.9% abv

Wheatwine (5/17/20) 9.1% abv

American Barleywine (2/11/20) 10.2% abv

American Barleywine (11/7/22) 10.4% abv

British-Style Barleywine (1/14/20) 10.2% abv

British-Style Barleywine (1/26/23) 10.8% abv

Ryewine (3/1/22) 10.4% abv

Ryewine (2023)

Extra Blonde Ale (5/31/22) 10.9% abv

Guest Barleywines:

Starkweather's British-Barleywine

Vintage Brewing Company's BA Deville Belgo Barleywine

Vintage Brewing Company's Grain Train Kveik Barleywine

Capital Brewery's Hunerd N'Aleven Barleywine

Karben4 Brewing's Priest Prophet & King BA Barleywine 2023

Delta Beer Lab's J. Henry Bourbon BA Barleywine

AND More from The Great Dane, Full Mile & Sahale Ale Works!