Bear In the Forest w/Deryk G. & Sylvie Lou

800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706

Bear, a.k.a Alberto Kanost, is the main songwriter and frontman of the ever-evolving Bear In the forest. Starting as a solo act, but with others joining and moving on through the years. Bear hails from Milwaukee, WI, where he did music and environmental work locally, leading him to meld the two and create Bear In the Forest. Some say the songs of Bear In the Forest howl with spiritualism. The sound is built around folk music in the oldest, barest sense: joy and pain and a guitar coming together to produce tones that resonate with ancestral memory. Bear In the Forest plans to release their first project in 5 years on 7/10; a self titled 7-song project, distilling songs written since the debut, “Fickle Young Mind” EP.

Deryk G. is an independent Alternative Pop recording artist and producer from Chicago, IL. His eclectic and genreless sound is often compared to artists such as Kid Cudi, Tyler the Creator, and Childish Gambino. His music can be described as a colorful soundscape of groovy guitar licks and synthesizers that wrap around introspective lyrics describing his journey through life.

Sylvie Lou is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Madison, WI. Inspired by a simple indie and folk sound, her pristine and entrancing voice washes over soft and vulnerable guitar chords creating slow and autobiographical ballads. Following her 2020 release of her debut EP "Open Armour" and a live performance on WSUM, she will kicking off this evening of local musicians with a performance you don't want to miss.