Behind the Beat: Joy Dragland & Louka P.

800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706

Joy Dragland is a singer songwriter living in Norway via Brooklyn. Raised in the snowy midwest, Joy began writing songs at an early age to entertain her siblings on the way home from church. She started performing in small coffee shops in Wisconsin, until she met co-conspirator Leo Sidran with whom she formed pop duo Joy & the Boy. Together they wrote and recorded three studio albums & toured globally, charting in the top 40 in Spain with their cover of Marvin Gaye´s "Let's Get it On".

Louka Patenaude, a veteran of the Madison music scene, is a performing guitarist, teacher, recording studio artist, songwriter and composer. As a professional teacher, his career goes back almost 20 years. He has appeared on many recordings and has toured throughout the Midwest, Europe and Pacific Asia.