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Break it Down - Apples: Virtual Wine Tasting


Tart green apples vs. sweet yellow apples. Skin vs. fresh fruit vs. baked fruit. When someone says a wine smells or tastes like an apple, what exactly are they talking about? Using component tasting, you'll learn how wine can smell and taste like apples in various forms. Sharpen your skills using your senses of smell and taste. You’ll learn how to identify those aromas & flavors as well as which varietals to seek out based on your preferences.


Join us online for this free virtual tasting. We will feature 3 wines in this class.


If you're interested in tasting the wines during class, we will have the wines available for online ordering starting on Wednesday, October 21 (please do not order before then). Details about the wines and what to substitute if you’re not able to come to Table Wine will also be available then.