Capital Brewery Bike Club Rides

7734 Terrace Avenue

Do you want to join the Capital Brewery Bike Club? It is our 14th year (!) and we are dedicating this season to supporting the people of Ukraine.

We ride twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday - weather permitting) and offer 3 different ride levels. The Introductory (C) Group (12-16 miles per ride, 10 to 15 mph), The Intermediate (B) Group (18 to 22 miles per ride, 12 to 18 mph), and the Training (A) Group (20 to 35 miles per ride, 18 to 25 mph). YOU MUST WEAR A HELMET and OBEY THE RULES OF THE ROAD!

Members are granted access to:

  • Start of Season Members Only Party
  • Twice Weekly ride schedules and cue sheets
  • After ride seminars on bicycle maintenance, event training, and how to enjoy the best craft beer available!
  • End of Season Members Only Party

SIGN UP ONLINE. You must be 21 or over to participate. It’s a GREAT way to MEET PEOPLE, get some EXCERSICE, and HAVE FUN!

Don’t forget to order your Capital Bike Club apparel here: