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Cash Box Kings

610 North St
Madison, WI 53704

"The Cash Box Kings rule the roost! This band has taken old school Chicago blues and brought it jumping and hollering into the 21st century. I’ve seen a lot of bands play this style of music, but I gotta say these guys take that old school sound and go somewhere new with it" -Dan Aykroyd

"One of the best blues bands in the land. Any of these musicians could have played with the great bands of the golden blues era. Together they keep a sound alive that many thought was no more. Joe Nosek feels Little Walter and Slim Harpo in the essence of his soul. Singer Oscar Wilson could be right out of [Chicago’s famed] Checkerboard Lounge in its glory days. The Cash Box Kings are a dancing and listening pleasure.” - Living Blues Magazine

"The Cash Box Kings play with taste and feel and it was faith restoring to know there's guys out there that still know and appreciate real blues."-Blues legend Charlie Musslewhite

"Stylistically the effect of the music parallels coming home from a trip to Maxwell Street with a box of dusty 45s and 78s on labels like Ora-Nelle, Blue Lake, Parrot or Cobra - rough and tumble, meat and potatoes Chicago blues. The Cash Box Kings continue and strengthen their breakout from the Midwestern blues bar circuit to international recognition as recording and performing artists. Notice is duly served that they are ready for inclusion among the illustrious torch bearers for not one but two proud blues traditions [delta and post-war Chicago]. With a deep commitment to those roots and a freshness which has generated nine originals on this CD, the Cash Box Kings are starting to make their own mark."-Dick Shurman, noted blues producer and critic

“The word on the street is that The Cash Box Kings are the up and coming young guns of the Chicago blues scene, and with good reason. The Kings are an outfit dedicated to the spirit of post-war Chicago blues and the Delta blues of the 1920s and 1930s, not to the tired song list that many of the bands that also ply these styles tend to stick to. The music has the liveliness and energy that only roots music genius can provide, and it is easy to see just what the Kings’ growing reputation is based on." – Chicago Blues Guide

"The Cash Box Kings are Chicago royalty." -Blues Blast Magazine

“For those questioning whether the blues is still alive . . . here is your answer.” -Blues & Co. (France)

"The Cash Box Kings' cast of aces sizzle the hip side of classic Chicago blues with an old delta branding iron. A prime homage to the blues' rich history with creative, enthusiastic twists." -Hittin’ the Note

“Gloriously retro with an inspiring eloquence and grace.” –Vintage Guitar

"This is the real deal. The Cash Box Kings take from '40s and '50s post-war Chicago blues, add some '20s and '30s Mississippi Delta blues and some '60s adventurism, and it all comes out as a barrelhouse, honky-tonk good time."-Goldmine

“Has all the unpretentious fun of a bar band at 2 AM, but it also has that extra freshness and energy that lifts a band out of the realm of the ordinary. The Cash Box Kings post-war style isn’t a gimmick. This band is going places.” -Blues Revue

"The ghosts of Muddy Waters, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins and Little Walter must be smiling as they listen to the purposefully distorted overamplified vocals, guitar and harmonica which add a gritty retro authenticity that will leave you wondering if these might be some great lost tracks from Chess Records. Black Toppin' might be the best blues album you'll hear this year.”-No Depression

"Now it's one thing to say you're interested in this old music, and even to be able to play a few of the tunes with some accuracy. But it's another thing entirely to be able to re-create the originals and write new material that's faithful to this 1940's and 50's style, and do it with authentic vitality." -Pittsburg Post-Gazette

“The Cash Box Kings have thrown together a Chicago masterpiece [I-94 Blues] here. These guys are students of that old school tradition. They dig for the deeper dirt to find the gold. In doing that deeper pull, the CBKs unearth old forgotten gems and also cover themselves with their own sound of raw energy, economy, and feel that fully encapsulate the sound they are trying to identify with. They are a throw back to when ensemble work was that, equal parts making a whole for the good of the blues.” -Juke Joint Soul

"A textbook lesson in classic Chicago blues, (Cash Box Kings') 'I-94 Blues' is brimming with bravado and impulsive musical spirit - a can't-miss effort." -Elmore Magazine

“These guys play Chicago blues the way they were meant to be played. The Cash Box Kings and their friends are in sync and play together with reckless abandon. This is a great album [I-94 Blues] and it needs to be part of your collection if you want to hear the best of today’s Chicago blues!” -Steve Jones,