Elemental Wellness Workshop Series | FIRE, EARTH, WATER & AIR

1523 WI-78 Trunk
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
  • Presented By: Snapdragon Farm & Stables
  • Dates: 2/24/2024, 3/9/2024
  • Location: Snapdragon Farm & Stables
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Price: $85 per workshop

If your intention word for 2024 is Connection, Creativity, or Self-Awareness, attending Natural Wisdom Counseling’s winter 4 Elements workshop series is where you begin! With an emphasis on relational, nature-based and expressive art practices, attendees may participate in experiences that foster mental health and well-being. This series will draw lessons about resilience and connection from the lessons of the four primary elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

While each session relates to the one before, participants may attend one, some, or all five of the sessions. Each program offers a brief discussion on elemental applications, a related question for contemplation, and an engaging nature-inspired art experience. *We emphasize the creative process over the product, you do not need to be artistic*

Let’s explore the metaphors of Fire!
Need a little extra light in your life? Looking for inspiration? Ready to combust?
Fire is the energy of change and transmutation. It can eliminate invasive species and bring vitality back to a forest. The creation of FIRE depends on both fuel and spaciousness. Come find your spark.

Reflection Question: What fuels you?
Nature-based art activity: floating acorn candles and beeswax batik. *We emphasize the creative process over the product, you do not need to be artistic.*

Let’s explore the metaphors of Earth!
Need some grounding? Looking for new growth? Feeling uprooted?
To know our land (environment) is to know ourselves. Learn about the medicinal properties of local plant species, learn how they are our allies and participate in wild-crafting. You will leave with a deeper knowing that regardless what else feels unstable, the earth is always there to nurture and support you.

Reflective Question: What nurtures you?
Nature based art activity: Bird seed and clay art with natural dye making. *We emphasize the creative process over the product. You do not need to be artistic.*

Let’s explore the metaphors of water!
Trying to find your “flow”? Feeling dried up and needing nourishment for your soul? Simply a water lover?
Water is life. We’re made of it. It demonstrates incredible strength and resilience with the power to shape landscapes, polish stone and carve out new paths. Water represents restoration and cleansing.

Reflective Question: What restores you?
Nature based art activities: Craft your own herbal bath soak and learn how to felt soap. Dyeing intention flags with materials crafted from the previous sessions.

Let’s explore the metaphors of air!
Do you feel like you’re holding your breath? Looking for some fresh “air”? Do you feel as though you’re breezing through life?
Air is our life force. Do you seek to pause and find moments of connection? This class will focus on learning to slow down and pay mindful attention to the air around us.

Reflective Question: What winds of change are stirring inside you?
Nature based art activity: Feather craft.

Register for the whole series for $525 and save $65!
The series includes all four workshops and the all-day Four Elements Retreat ($590 if you pay for each class separately).

Early Bird Registration for whole series saves $90.
Pay $500 if you register by December 31st!


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