Food for Thought Designing Architecture with Food in Mind (Ages 12-16)


NEW for 2021!

Just like shelter  the basis of architecture  food, too, is fundamental to human existence. Foodways describe how we eat, celebrate, and gather around food, grow it; prepare it, and eat it. Cultures, traditions, historical events, social structures, and geographic features all play a role in our food choices and options.

In this virtual, weeklong summer camp, students will be empowered and guided to reimagine current foodways during individual design challenges that will result in their own architectural creation to address one element of foodways. Architecture is involved in the design of foodways: from community gardens and school gardens to small- or large-scale farms to food distribution farm stands, restaurants, markets, or processing and distribution centers.

Inspired by Wright’s fascinating design of Broadacres City  a futuristic city design with foodways in mind  we will explore with students the question of what foodways look like today and how to address those ideas in their own designs.

Instructors will lead campers on a journey throughout the week, including exploring the Taliesin estate in behind-the-scenes virtual recordings. As we explore videos of beautiful and hidden spaces on the estate, we will discover together how Taliesin became a lifelong laboratory for Wright.