From Detail to City: Exploring Scale

5607 County Rd. C
Spring Green, WI 53588

Inspired by Taliesin as a site for ideas and experimentation across scales, from hand-wrought material detail to the speculative vision of Broadacre City, this fast-paced architecture workshop for high school students will focus on a different scale of attention each day: detail, room, building, neighborhood, and city.


With different design challenges presented to the students daily, projects will incorporate hand-drafting, sketching, model making, collage, and more. In a culminating last-day conversation with guests, students will have the opportunity to reflect on their progression, processes of thinking and making they’ve developed, and further curiosity they’ll take from the experience. Participants will have a chance to work individually and collaboratively over the week and get to know each other and Taliesin itself in many ways.


The hub for this architecture workshop will be the Hillside Drafting Studio, where Wright and his apprentices imagined Broadacre City through drawings and models.


Location: Hillside Drafting Studio at Taliesin

Age: 15-18

Date: June 27- July 1   

Price: $412.50