Garver Canvas Exhibit: Bird Ross "Who Turned Out the Lights?"

Garver Feed Mill
Madison, WI 53704

Stop by Garver Canvas to explore the current art exhibition on view! "Who Turned Out the Lights?" by Bird Ross will be featured April 20, 2023 - June 11, 2023.

Opening Reception: April 28th 5pm-8pm

Bird Ross's work revolves around an ongoing study of how disparate materials can be the perfect companions to resolve a problem. Her initial foray into making grew out of her love and knowledge of textiles, sewing and historical ways of clothing construction. Bird's love of textiles and its history in people's lives inspired her to teach a multitude of folks the inherent joys and creative powers that sewing can initiate. In her art practice she constructs clothing, costumes, props, puppets, accessories, baskets, cards, and in this exhibit monoprints, collage and other paper constructions.

"I like getting on without a map. You’re never lost if you travel without one. Sort of like rolling down the hill, there’s no question when you’ve arrived. You didn’t get there by calculating, but by doing."

Gallery Hours:
Thursday: Noon – 6pm
Friday: Noon – 8pm
Saturday: Noon – 6pm
Sunday: Noon – 4pm