GEN NOW: Transform Your Life with Keystone Habits with Garth Beyer

  • 1 N. Pinckney St.
  • Madison, WI 53703
  • Phone: (608) 286-3150

It might be easy to split life into categories like fitness, family, health and work – but in reality, it’s all intertwined. Keystone habits take into account the connected nature of your life and can positively impact many areas you’re looking to change. For example, a quality habit in one category, like keeping a food journal, can lead to other quality outcomes in other areas of life, like having a more productive work day, sleeping better and strengthening relationships over home-cooked meals. This compounding effect plays a large role in achieving the life you want for yourself.

  • Times: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Admission: Free