Giant Jones Lagniappe Stage at Fete de Marquette

931 E. Main St., Entrance on Brearly
Madison, WI 53703

It’s everyone’s favorite summer festival weekend, and Giant Jones is back with our Langiappe Stage!

Join us on Saturday 7/13 for Local Music & Circus Variety Show!
Here’s our lineup:

Outdoor Games 1pm-3:30pm
Leslie Damaso & Mr. Chair 3:30pm-4:30pm

Filipino American artist, Leslie Damaso will perform from SIRENA, with Mr. Chair. SIRENA is an operatic stage work created by Damaso, Jason Kutz (piano), Mike Koszewski (drums) and Ben Ferris (bass). The album is soon to be released on June 30th. The music includes traditional Filipino kundiman songs and kulintang gongs. It sounds like jazz, it sounds like classical, for sure it is a spectacular celebration of community!

Mr. Chair 5pm-6pm

Mr. Chair looks like a jazz combo, enchants like a string quartet, and electrifies like a rock band, all while delighting listeners with their fresh and authentic sound. As classically-trained musicians well-versed in jazz, electronics, prog rock, world music and beyond, Mr. Chair is a contemporary fusion ensemble for music fans of all backgrounds. Their sound palette is diverse, and used to tell stories in styles cinematic, surreal, romantic, funky, and whimsical.

Lovely Socialite 6:30pm-7:30pm

Water & Fire Circus Arts Spectacular with Elemental Aerial Arts 8pm-10pm

Formed in Madison Wisconsin, Elemental Aerial Arts connects performance with the natural world. Creating unique aerial and circus arts inspired by air, earth, water and fire-each show is meant to connect the audience with each other and to the beauty of the world around them.

“Water & Fire: an intricate balance of elemental powers” is a two part show that is family friendly and free to the public. Starting at 8 pm, the show explores the qualities of water through dance, acrobatics, aerial arts, and flow arts. Unique acts to spark imagination and front row splash zone seats for a fully immersive experience. Then at sunset the flames are lit and the show transforms into a powerful dance of fire, with circus acts of all disciplines harnessing and connecting with primal flames and fire elementals. “Water & Fire” brings forces to life beautifully, drawing the audience into the magic while showcasing the intricate balance of power within and around ourselves.

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