Hannah Bennett Workshop Series

Garver Feed Mill
Madison, WI 53704
  • Dates: 5/29/2022, 6/1/2022, 6/8/2022, 6/12/2022, 6/15/2022, 6/19/2022, 7/10/2022
  • Location: Garver Canvas
  • Time: Wed. 6pm-8:30pm; Sun. 2pm-4pm

Express your creativity and learn something new at Garver Canvas! Join exhibiting artist, Hannah Bennett, as she teaches techniques unique to her craft. Hannah is offering a variety of workshops at different times/days during her exhibition stay at Garver Canvas.

May 18th: Earth Pigments on Textiles
May 25th and 29th: Beginning Embroidery
June 1st: Papermaking Technique: Butterfly Wing Paper
June 8th and 12th: Continuing Embroidery
June 15th and 19th: Papermaking Technique: Cloud Paper
July 10th: Experimental Embroidery