History Sandwiched In: The Raising of the Alvin Clark

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"The Raising of the Alvin Clark" is the story of Wisconsin salvage divers embarking on a history-making adventure, leading to the recovery and restoration of a two-masted brigantine (schooner) that lay silently in 110-feet of dark, frigid water in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The ship of 113-feet sank in a violent storm in 1864 and was raised 106 years later in 1969. After nearly 3000 dives in a two-year period, the Alvin Clark finally broke the surface and was towed into Marinette Menominee. Discover the history of the Alvin Clark's demise, discovery, salvage, and her final chapter after recovery with presenter Richard Bennett, one of the original dive team members.

  • Times: 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM