History Sandwiched In: Wisconsin's German-Language Newspapers

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Between the 1840s and the 1950s, more than 250 newspapers in the state of Wisconsin were published in German - by far more than in any other foreign language. Established by German immigrants who settled in this area between 1845 and 1893, these publications show that besides their language, cuisine, and customs, they also brought their print culture to their new home. Randi Ramsden, National Digital Newspaper Program Coordinator at the Wisconsin Historical Society, will share how newspapers let us track the evolution of the local German-language press from its golden age to its downfall during World War I. Ramsden will also discuss how these newspapers allow us to explore the history of German immigration to this state, as well as how a patchwork of immigrant communities came to share an identity as Wisconsinites.

  • Times: 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM
  • Admission: Suggested donation of $3.00