Identity In and Through Art - Panel Discussion

111 S Livingston St
Madison, WI 53703
  • Presented By: LunART Festival 2022 "IDENTITY"
  • Dates: June 5, 2022
  • Location: Art + Literature Laboratory
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
  • Price: Free event

In this panel discussion, artists will share how they express and explore their multi-faceted realities through their creative work. How do they use their creativity to connect, engage and relate to themselves and their environment? How do their identities reflect in their art – and how does art inform their identities?

In this discussion, we will attempt to answer some of these questions, probably bring up a whole lot more and also engage with contributions from the audience.

Panelists: Stacy Garrop (composer), Deborah Hearst (actor & writer) & Peggy Choy (dancer & choreographer)
Moderator: Sue Goldwomon