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Let's Speak Up: Elevating, Belonging, & Centering Our Stories

Greater Madison Area
Madison, WI 53714

We invite you on Sunday, March 26, 2023, to help us transform workplaces into responsive community spaces for collective well-being. For some people, life is comfortable, but it's not that way for all of us in the workforce. Latinas, Black, and Queer people continue to be discriminated against in the workplace. This a bold space for people in decision-making roles, and people who want to know what it means to be a person from a divested community working in today's market.

We will have bold conversations with professionals and inspiring leaders.

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We want to impart our knowledge and experiences so that others in our community don't have to endure challenges and difficulties. We want you to feel empowered to change the narrative from a culture that works in silos to one that works in community. Learn, listen, and leave feeling reflected and engaged with national leaders.

This virtual event will center around stories of progress and challenges that our ancestors talked about, but this time we are talking about thriving in the boardroom.

This exclusive conversation is for inclusive leaders, professionals, non-binary individuals, women/femme-identified folx who desire to engage in honest and vulnerable conversation and glean related expertise from national Leaders, Award-winning Authors and Community Organizers, Sex positive Influencers, Curanderas (Mexican Healers), Scientists., Non-Binary and Queer leaders, Poets, Business Coaches, and regional leaders!