Live Music: Searchlights

800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706

The music of Searchlights presents a dynamic odyssey. Melancholic guitar lines swell with atmosphere, soft texture gives way to heart stopping bass and propulsive drums --- simple drones evolve into artful grooves. Their unexampled style incorporates ethereal vocals, Japanese taiko and layered soundscapes into compositions that are cinematic and invoke strong emotion.

Formed by guitarist Lane Devereaux and bassist Korey Krause in 2012, the pair challenged themselves to explore slow tempos, soundscapes and programming glitched out percussion. A self titled album was released in 2014 featuring drummer Mike Fienen on tracks “Cloud Traveler” and “Magnetic North”. After this release Mike formally joined Searchlights. Mike’s drum kit and style are one of a kind, icy cymbals wash and reverberate, a deep kick-drum pulses, shimes cut loud and clear, with the okedo holding a heartbeat bass. Playing a mix of traditional Japanese taiko drums and Western percussion, he intricately matches the moods of the guitar and bass.

Their soundscapes dig deep bringing audiences into a rich sound environment. Listen and let your mind wander.