Live Music: she's green?

800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706

she's greenĀ is a Minneapolis-based dream-inducer comprised of vocalist Zofia Smith, guitarists Liam Armstrong and Gray Yoshida, bassist Teddy Nordvold, and drummer Kevin Seebeck. Creating a unique take on the washy, ambient melodies of '90s shoegaze, all members bring forth their own ideas and the rest follow suit, filling rooms with droning fuzz and reverberating screams. The band has played a few shows locally and received recognition through their first two released singles, "river" and "smile again", both recorded and mixed in Armstrong's bedroom. A raw, emotional intensity shines through their honest and explorative songwriting process. They're currently working on recording more music and it's clear they're only scratching the surface of their assemblance of influences.