MANTIS-Anders Svanoe, Brad Townsend, Nick Zielinski - 7 & 9 PM Two Shows

1224 Williamson St.
Madison, WI 53703

Anders Svanoe-baritone saxophone
Brad Townsend-bass
Nick Zielinski-drums

"While taking a bit of a breather from releasing his State of the Baritone series, Anders Svanoe joined forces with bassist Brad Townsend and drummer Nick Zielinski to record Mantis. Svanoe's compositions paired with two-thirds of Minneapolis' avant-fusion band ARP of the Covenant (unplugged here) deliver an assorted mix of highly emotive styles. The trio upgrades the saxophone trio format with freedom, though freedom anchored by some heavy grooves. The title track "Mantis" marches a procession only to be broken up first by Svanoe's baritone exorcism of notes. The march progresses, interrupted next by Townsend's scraping bowed soliloquy. This is followed by a pulse, which could be the sampled background for a hip hop star's lyrics. With this trio, anything is possible. "Intersection" morphs from a shuffle groove to punk rock drumming, as Svanoe works the upper register of his massive horn and Townsend's bass is bowed in a semi- classical manner.

Show dates and time:
August 13th at 7PM & 9PM
Tickets: $15
Production: Cafe CODA
*Masks are not required but encouraged.
* Do I need to print my ticket?
No, but will help. Due to different systems, some people might not get the second email of tickets with QR codes. You can either print your email receipts or simply show them on your phone upon arrival.