Miniature Painting 103 - Intro to Basing Techniques

  • 2835 Commerce Park Drive
  • Madison, 53719
  • Phone: (608) 758-9901

So, you've been painting your gaming miniatures? Awesome!  Are you tired of your beautiful, colorful figures standing on that plain black plastic piece?  Want it to look more realistic, and have them standing in a rocky field? How about a paved street? Desert sands? Snowy tundra? Flowery grasslands? You can do it- let us show you how!

For those who are new to miniature painting, earlier in the day we are offering Miniature Painting 101.  You can paint a mini in that class, and then go straight into this Basing course and base that freshly painted miniature! A discount is offered for those who sign up for both courses. 

Bases and materials will be supplied, including brushes, putty, sand, gravel, greenery and more- everything you need to give your miniature a rich and vivid new place to stand for all eternity.  If you have materials you want pointers on using, feel free to bring them but this is not necessary.

Want to base the miniature you just finished, or one you want to bring from home? If it is already glued to an unfinished base, we recommend you start by practicing on a fresh new base (which we will supply) and then we will also show you some techniques for basing your already-glued-to-a-base miniatures.  

Where: In the Private Room at Noble Knight Games
Format:  Your entry fee includes: Brushes to use and keep, paints, basing materials, tools, and more!  Plus of course expert instruction and the individual assistance provided in a small class size.  You do not need to bring anything, unless you want to.
Registration: Seats are limited so sign up to reserve your seat! Early registration is available in the storefront or by phone. 

  • Times: 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Admission: $20 ($30 total if you register for Mini Painting 101 as well)