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Natural Sateellite

610 North St
Madison, WI 53704

Natural Satellite is a husband and wife duo based out of Menasha, WI. Karli and Jason met in 2011 while attending the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (UWSP). They quickly fell in love, and after earning their music degrees, they moved to the Fox Valley in hopes of creating a new life for themselves. Jason was soon performing throughout the area while Karli, unsure of herself as a musician, decided to focus on other interests. It wasn't until she found herself in a deep depression that she began regularly playing her cello again. Karli started writing songs as a way to heal, process, and explore her innermost feelings. After showing Jason a few of these songs, the couple began writing and creating together. From there, Natural Satellite was born.

Since then, Natural Satellite has released four EPs of work titled From Ash, Peace of Mind, So Blue, and their most recent, Gratitude. The duo blends the genres of jazz, indie, folk, and rock into a truly unique and refreshing sound. Karli explores themes of mental health, personal growth, and spirituality in her lyrics while Jason flows effortlessly around Karli’s finger-style cello playing, and when the pair harmonize, it’s as if they are one instrument. When you watch Natural Satellite perform live, you can feel the love and trust between the couple, and the absolute joy it brings them to make music.


Check out the website for more information.