Oktoberfest | Cooking Class at DelecTable

3248 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53705

Get ready to raise your steins and indulge in a culinary celebration like no other at Chef Joel's Oktoberfest-themed cooking class! Join us for an immersive experience that will transport you straight to the heart of Germany's legendary festival.

In this lively and interactive class, Chef Joel will guide you through the art of crafting classic Oktoberfest dishes with his signature energy and enthusiasm. From perfectly grilled bratwursts to delectable pretzels and mouthwatering sauerkraut, you'll learn the secrets of German cuisine that will have you saying "Prost!" in no time.

But it's not just about the food! Immerse yourself in the infectious spirit of Oktoberfest. With a playful tone and engaging questions, Chef Joel will keep you entertained throughout the class, making sure you have a blast while honing your culinary skills. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or simply looking for a unique experience, this Oktoberfest-themed
cooking class is guaranteed to leave you inspired and ready to host your own festive gathering.

So mark your calendars and grab your lederhosen, because this is an event you won't want to miss! Reserve your spot now and get ready to savor the flavors, embrace the culture, and create unforgettable memories. Prost to an unforgettable Oktoberfest experience with Chef Joel!

  • Obatzda (Bavarian beer and cheese dip) with freshly-baked rye and ale breadsticks
  • Chicken schnitzel with mushroom gravy
  • “Himmel und Erd” (German Heaven and Earth- mashed potatoes and apples with fried onions)
  • Tomatensalat (German tomato salad)
  • German chocolate cookies

Wine, beer, and cocktails are available for purchase from our bar. Come early for cocktails (5:30) — class begins at 6:00!

Our classes are small, so you get personal attention from our professional instructors. Your instructor, Chef Joel, is a nationally-recognized culinary instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience. He brings his unique flair to teaching, using his sense of humor and passion for cooking to inspire and involve his students.