Researching Viking Mythology for Modern Storytelling

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Livsreise has an interactive kiosk which gives visitors a brief introduction to Norse Mythology and the Nine Realms. Oshkosh author, K.W. Pendorf felt once she wrote her first book “Freya and the Dragon Egg ” that she needed to know more about Norse mythology. She will be talking about that journey and how it became clear that she would need to write nine books carrying Freya through the Nine Realms in order for her quest to come to a satisfactory conclusion!

Please join us as middle grade author K.W. Penndorf shares how researching Viking history has influenced her storytelling. She’ll discuss where her inspiration came for wanting to write a new tale of Norse mythology, taking you from a Danish wedding in Europe to the Field Museum in Chicago. Along the way, you will learn about those she has met in the “Viking World” and how they have transpired into the fictitious workings of her FREYA series.

  • Times: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Admission: Free