Patience, Please.

Patience, Please.

We’re so glad to see you again!
Some of us may be new. Some of our efforts may take time.
But our devotion to your experience is stronger than ever.
Thanks for your increased patience, kindness & understanding.


Sensory Friendly Play

7309 West Towne Way
Madison, WI 53719

This is an event specifically designed for children with Autism and special needs to have a lot of fun in a more relaxed and calm environment without loud music, flashing lights or whistles.


We do this on Mondays from 1- 4pm. $20.99/person gets you Ultimate Attraction Access and 1 caregiver per child is allowed in to play for FREE! Other adults or caregivers would be our parent pass for just $5.99.


Urban Air Jump Socks are required and are not included in above price but available for purchase at front desk. Memberships are not valid with this event.