Storytime with Nina Bricko

1863 Monroe St
Madison, WI 53711

About the book

During the Great Depression, a determined young girl has a Make-Do-Can-Do attitude. With a little help from Momma, Veleta Mae finds the perfect dress for school in an unexpected way–a flour sack.

Veleta Mae is 3 feet 9 inches tall with arms for climbing and toes that walk from end to end of her farm. When she learns that school starts soon, she slumps like a sack of potatoes on her kitchen floor. Her dress is thinner than paper, with a hole in her pocket that drops green beans like it was made of Swiss cheese. With an encouraging smile from her Momma, Veleta doesn't give up hope. She begins her search to fix her dress. Maybe feathers will work? They look awfully nice on her fluffy chicken, Dorothy. Hmmm...Maybe flowers? Curtains? A tablecloth? Veleta Mae all but gives up when she spots an empty flour sack. Will it make the perfect dress?


About the author

Voice artist and storyteller Nina Bricko has an MFA in Creative Writing for Children through YA. Her written work has been published in journals and art subscriptions and performed live. An avid DIY'er, Nina enjoys making things from nothing and taking her kids on nature adventures. Nina is the voice of Saturday Morning Projects, Season 2, on the streaming channel "At Home with the Family Handyman." She also produces and narrates picture books for Flying Ketchup Press. Find out more about her audiobooks, author visits, and projects at