Sugar Maple Concert Series: Miss Tess

610 North St.
Madison, WI 53704

The Sugar Maple Concert Series welcomes Miss Tess

When most people think of defiant music, they think of punk rock or outlaw country. But defying genres while transcending eras and resisting clichés is hard to pin down when it comes to artistry—unless you’re talking about Miss Tess. Swinging for the fences and from the branches of jazz, country, blues and old school rock and roll, she has employed all of her influences and talents on a tour-de-force, while cleverly taking standard perspectives and ideas, like the definition of a love song, to task. After over a decade on the road, now making her home in Nashville — by way of Baltimore, Boston, and Brooklyn — Miss Tess has found a creative community that encourages and embraces wide artistic exploration and expression as much as she does.

“Old-time warmth, 21st-century sass. It’s a potent recipe for that few artists successfully pull off — and Miss Tess is one of them.” —No Depression

“Miss Tess swings and swaggers, rooted in a retro groove that’s equal parts blues, mid-century rock & roll and Booker T-worthy R&B.” —Rolling Stone Country

“I’m convinced that there isn’t a genre that Miss Tess can’t master. Jazz, country, folk, blues, ragtime, rockabilly, American standards – you name it – it’s got a place in her repertoire. The Moon Is an Ashtray touches on all these genres and wonderfully showcases the breadth of her talent.” —Twangville

Venue requires proof of Covid 19 vaccination

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