The Deliciouser: Gin Pennant Deliciouser Dinner Collaboration

931 E. Main St., Suite 7
Madison, WI 53703

We cordially invite you to join us for a Delciouser collaboration; with legendary local mixologist and founder of The Gin Pennant pop-up cocktail bar, Professor Martin Foys.   
Tonight’s menu features our (Seina, Umamier, Morita, Heirloom Cinnamon, Fleur de Sel, Pacific Smoke and Signature Salt) spice blends in dishes, served in our convivial, communal dinner party atmosphere, paired with a menu of six (pocket-sized) Gin Pennant cocktails. 

Menu highlights include:  
Welcome cocktail:  
Summer Salt - arrack, rum, mint, demerara sugar, orange, lime, chocolate bitters, Barista expresso salt 
1st course: 
Rhuful - mezcal, Cointreau, lemon, rhubarb syrup, egg white, bitters  
Tuna Crudo - fennel, rhubarb, fennel pollen  
2nd course: 
The Paddington - gin, marmalade, dry curacao, lemon  
Sea scallop – asparagus, citrus zabaglione, tarragon 
3rd course: 
English Greyhound - milk-washed Earl Grey infused gin, sherry, cardamom, lemon  
Chickpea crèpes - mushrooms, sherry, morita chili, fontina, bitter greens   
4th course:  
Scotch Neg - scotch, white vermouth, Benedictine, Nonino, cherry  
Umamier rubbed prime beef - Bandaged cheddar, veal stock, luxarado cherry  
Otto Flip – bourbon, coffee liqueur, Cointreau, molasses bitters, coffee, bitters  
White chocolate – cherries, toasted bread, fleur de sel, heirloom cinnamon, custard  
Curated selection of wine, spirits and spirit-free cocktails available.  
Guests enjoy a 10% discount on all Deliciouser spices.  
Bar @ 5:00 p.m.  
Dinner @ 6:00 p.m.  
$75.00 for Dinner and Pairing is an additional  $45 which can be added on if desired the evening of event