Timeless Music and a Timeless Disease: Classical Composers and Consumption - Interdisciplinary Lecture

111 S Livingston St
Madison, WI 53703

Dr. Yolande Chan and Dr. Mary Perkinson will present an interdisciplinary lecture-recital that explores the cultural links between music and tuberculosis (TB) while also increasing awareness of TB’s threat to global public health. This timeless disease, formerly known as consumption, afflicted a number of prominent 17th-20th-century composers whose works we still enjoy today. This lecture-recital will feature performances of some of these works and will also include a review of the history and early treatment methods of TB. Through this interdisciplinary approach that focuses on an ancient yet contemporary disease, this lecture-recital aims to facilitate deeper connections between the audience, the composers, and their enduring music.

Piano accompaniment: Alyona Waldo