Trash to Treasure

  • Madison, WI 53706

“Trash to Treasure,” shows how some composers are masters at turning musical “garbage” into gold. The program starts with Beethoven’s brilliant Variations in E-flat Major, op. 44, based on one of the trashiest tunes ever to grace the opera stage. The music of Maurice Emmanuel, strongly influenced by his studies of Hindu music, was derided as trash by his contemporaries. We include his Trois odelettes anacréontiques for soprano, flute, and piano, a ravishing treasure of the art song repertoire. Composer Dick Kattenburg died at the age of 24 at Auschwitz, his musical manuscripts left in a trunk in his aunt’s attic. Only recently recovered, his Quartet for flute, violin, cello, and piano shows his extraordinary talent. John Harbison created one of the masterpieces of 20th century art song, his Mirabai Songs, from poems of the 16th century Indian mystic Mirabai. The program, and the trio cycle, concludes with Beethoven’s great “Ghost” trio, the Piano Trio in D Major, op. 70, no. 1, a work that is built out of materials other composers would discard: four notes of the D major scale. It is one of his most powerful compositions and one of the greatest trios of all time.

  • Times: 2:30 PM