UW-Madison Science Expeditions

  • April 5, 2019 to April 7, 2019
  • UW-Madison
  • Downtown
  • Madison, WI

Get to know the people, places and science outreach programs of your land-grant university!

UW Science Expeditions is our annual campus-wide science open house: it’s an opportunity for all of us to welcome everyone to their public, land-grant research university, and it’s a splendid chance to share your research & outreach with visitors of all ages. 

As a campus-wide open house, UW Science Expeditions features three types of programs: 

1. Exploration Stations: hands-on exhibits where you share insights into your research. 

2. Science Spectaculars: presentations that engage a larger audience, usually in an auditorium. 

3. Destinations for Exploration: tours or Open Houses of venues across campus. 

Visit the website for a full listing of tours and activities available.