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WI's Best Bloody Mary Fest - Madison (Drive Thru 2020)

6250 Nesbitt Rd. #200
Fitchburg, WI 53719
  • Presented By: Wisconsin's Best Bloody Mary Fest
  • Dates: October 24, 2020
  • Location: Yahara Bay Distillers, Inc.
  • Time: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
  • Price: $260

COVID-19 is not going to stop us from searching for WI's Best Bloody Mary. We are focused on creating a good time while keeping everyone safe. SOOOO, get your quaranteam and we’ll do the rest.


We curated a package to make Bloody Mary drinkers very happy and full. We’ll make sure that you have everything to have a fantastic brunch (whenever that is for you). All you have to do is add ice (and maybe heat some meat).


**Ticket has enough contents for four festival participants. This equals 9(ish) Bloody Marys, 6 cans of beer, plenty of food & garnishes for each person.

  1. 2 Jars of 100 Mile Sauce Bloody Mary mix
  2. 2 Liters of Just Vodka from Yahara Bay Distillers
  3. 4 collector pint glasses to remember the year we had a drive thru
  4. 1 case of beer of Drink Wisconsinbly’s new Amber Lager from Leinenkugels
  5. 6/7 doses of Bloody Mary mx from the competitors (It is a competition)
  6. 1 bag of cheese curds from Farmer John
  7. 1 jar of cocktail carrots from Chef K Clark
  8. 1 package of Mapleton Mynd Lambsticks
  9. 1 jar of Dilly Beans from Porchlight
  10. 1 jar of MRO-COS Sex Olives
  11. 1 jar of pickles
  12. 1 bag of spiced rim salt and herb crackers from Goodman Center's Seed to Table program.
  13. 1 jar of Silver Springs Horseradish
  14. 1 jar of local hot sauce
  15. Slide Potato Chips
  16. Lunch/Dinner sliders kit
  17. Cupcakes from Lush Life Bakery
  18. Other goodies we get our hands on (coozies, snacks, games)
  • Savi Cafe and Catering
  • Vintage Brewing Company
  • Miss Mary's Bloody Mary Mix
  • Remedy Bloody Mary Mix
  • Redneck Juice
  • Jimmy Luv's Bloody Mary Mix

First purchase your ticket under a time slot (that is available) that works best for you. We are managing traffic by only allowing so many tickets every half hour. Get the time that works best for you and your festival friends.
Arrive to Yahara Bay Distillers at the time you signed up for. You will enter the parking lot in the entrance to the left of the building. (Signs and volunteers will direct you as well)
Prior to the event, we will send you a radio station to tune into with our Bloody Mary playlist. You can listen to it while you come through the drive thru and then also find it on Youtube to listen to once your party elsewhere starts.
The drive thru is double sided. Pull up to the open spot on either side of the first table and check in. Our staff will check you in and provide you with all the information needed for you festival and any additional products you purchased. (You can add on certain products to your festival package when purchasing your ticket.)
Stop at each table and collect all of your package. There are a lot of items. It may be easiest to open your trunk and we can add them in as you come through the event.
The last stop in the drive thru will be a game. If you win, you’ll get a prize. We will then take a photo for those participating in the car/dress up contest. (details below)
Finally, leave Yahara Bay Distillers and go to your chosen location to have your festival. (You will need a microwave or oven near for the food detail.) Take photos and post them on the Facebook event page. (Photo contest details below)

We will send a Google Doc to all ticket purchasers on Sunday, October 25 at 7pm to vote for who their quaranteam thought had the best Bloody Mary! You will have until Monday, October 25 at 7pm to vote.
  • Costume/dress up your car: We will have a contest for participants to to dress in costume and/or decorate their car to go along with Drive Thru Bloody Marys. The winner will win a Bloody Mary Box every month for a year from Christine’s Kitchen’s. Box includes vodka, Bloody Mary mix, meat sticks, and garnishes.
  • Photo contest: Post your photos in the Facebook event page of you and your quaranteam having a blast with your Bloody Mary Fest drive thru package and we will choose the best 3 photos. The winners will win two VIP tickets to the 2021 WI’s Best Bloody Mary Fest (that will be in person. Fingers crossed) P.S. Make sure you post pics of how your team voted on the best Bloody Mary.


***Spots are limited so buy your tickets soon!
***Questions or comments? Email Gregg at