• Memorial Union
  • 800 Langdon St.
  • Madison, WI 53706

Yamato was founded by Masa Ogawa in 1993, and has been touring on a nonstop basis ever since, introducing the world to Japan’s traditional Wadaiko drums.

Yamato locates in the sound of these massive, 500KG instruments a human heartbeat (shin-on), the center of life and the source of power which pulsates within the body. Yamato attempts to recreate the energy of life, to envelop the audience and awaken in them a newfound passion. What one feels when surrounded by the thunderous and rhythmic sound of Wadaiko, brought out by these highly trained performers, is what the Japanese call tamashy, translated as soul, spirit, and psyche – the fundamental elements of life.

  • Times: 8:00 PM
  • Admission: General Public: $44/$40/$25, Union Member: $40/$36/$25, UW Faculty/Staff: $42/$38/$25, UW-Madison Student: $10, Youth: $20