This LEAP YEAR, I am hoping to use my BONUS DAY (FEB 29th) to play tourist in my own town. There are so many new things going on in the Greater Madison area, I am hoping to theme my BONUS DAY with all things that would be considered BONUS (in 80s street slang parlance meaning extra great).  I would start my day with a three-egg breakfast— or maybe bring in a baker’s dozen (13) of doughnuts into the office.  I would head to the brand new SCIENCE Museum over my lunch break and make good on my New Year’s Resolution to take more pictures by checking out the NIKON exhibit. After work, I would try to head outside for a bit of fresh air and perhaps take an extra long walk with my dog (as long as the weather permits).  If not, I might treat myself to a double scoop of Babcock Hall Ice Cream; I think Union Utopia would be a fitting flavor choice.

Judy FrankelJudy Frankel

Director of Public Relations & Communications

Judy Frankel has been discovering new and interesting things to do in Madison since 2001. When she is not directing PR and Communications for the GMCVB, you’ll find her thinking about the best places to eat and drink.


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