Leap Day Get-Away from it All!

How many times do you wish you had an extra day? This year the calendar is in your favor. Use February 29th for some much needed down time. Here are three places to get away from the every day. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

Take in a flick: The Marcus Palace Cinema in Sun Prairie is the perfect place to escape.  12 theaters will embrace you with DreamLounger™ recliner seating. You’ll be so comfortable, why leave? Choose to dine while watching your movie in one of their four Big Screen Bistro auditoriums where they’ll bring your meal to you without missing a scene.

Recharge and say Spahhh: What better way to unplug from things than a day at the Edgewater Spa.  Slip into a cozy robe and slippers and enjoy any or all the services has to offer. From massages to Yoga, you’ll think this extra day is the only that exists!

Sample some Suds: Grab some of your fellow Leap day partners-in-crime and schedule a private beer tasting tour! Hop Head Tours serve up some of Greater Madison’s best Brewery hot spots! Not only will you enjoy a crisp brew with buds, but they’ll even teach you a thing or two about your favorite elixir.

So much to choose from you’ll be counting the days (or should we say “day”) to enjoy it!

Curt LenzCurt Lenz

PR & Media Coordinator

When he’s not finding you ideas to spend your spare time, our Curt Lenz is trying to find some of his own. A father of three, he appreciates the little things in life, especially the very little peace and quiet.


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