It’s no surprise that as a full-time, working mom of two pre-teen boys and a puppy, there’s one thing that has me more excited than anything else about 2016: it’s a Leap Year. Oh, an extra day! A glorious, “found” twenty-four hours that haven’t existed in 1,460 days! (But who’s counting?). What to do, what to do?

Just a mere month or two into the year, it only seems fitting to revisit my resolutions—but in a way that fully embraces the gift of a Leap Day:

  1. Exercise my right to … exercise. This one always ends up falling to the bottom of my daily to-do’s. But I’m guaranteed to get it in if it’s not the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. This February 29, I’m headed to Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park, where I can jump my way through 30,000+ square feet of space, play trampoline dodge ball and pretend I can pike. It’s not just for kids. Really.

  2. Forget the dog & adopt a frog! Did you know you can Adopt an Animal via the Henry Vilas Zoo? Don’t get me wrong; I adore our furry, four-legged family member. But a four-legged amphibian doesn’t chew my new shoes. And it’s a great way to teach my kiddos about care and conservation.

  3. Go Green by Riding the Red. This one will help me right a resolution gone wrong. Last fall, I purchased a B-Pass from Madison BCycle. But I haven’t put it to good use, either for exercise or as a green way to get across the Square to meetings. For the first time this year, six stations stayed open through winter, so the snow is no excuse.


Christine LampeChristine Lampe

Director of Marketing

Christine is a mom who would jump at the chance to do anything for her family ... but thinks a free "me" day every once in awhile is pretty sweet, too.


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