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Hinckley Productions

54 N. Bryan St.
Madison, WI 53714

We provide live, on-location or in-studio HD recording video, live broadcast streaming, and virtual event development and facilitation. This may include multiple camera angles switched live by a director, graphics, instant replay, broadcast commentary or multi-track live audio mixing. We are able to support multiple streams at various locations, such as multiple sporting events.


We are able to combine panelists remotely, or to partially host the event live in our studio partnered with pre-recorded video or speakers that are brought in through remote video to produce your virtual event.


Our live video broadcasting includes constructing a custom online interface design with video player and an option of interactive features for your virtual attendees and viewers. We work directly with you and your team to ensure we are on point with your vision and that content is being delivered in a way that meets your goals.


We work closely with you to alleviate any live streaming anxieties. Careful preparation and thorough understanding of your project helps ensure the successful execution of your live streaming event. We outline every aspect of the process with you, making sure you feel confident in the service and giving you peace of mind. 


Our decision checklist includes:

  • Location: live from our studio or at your venue or fully virtually attended
  • Visuals & Sound: cameras, graphics, video playback, including remote presenters 
  • Audience Consideration: anticipated online experience and viewership
  • Technical Preparation: foreseen bandwidth needs, viewer tech support
  • Metrics for Success: viewer analytics, fundraising goals, desired outcomes
  • Production Timelines: production schedules including testing, graphics development

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