Patience, Please.

Patience, Please.

Many Madison businesses are understaffed and training new employees.
But their devotion to your experience is stronger than ever.
Thanks for your increased patience, kindness & understanding.


Paint Madison

800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI 53706

The beautiful Memorial Union Terrace has served as inspiration for many across the years. Now it’s your turn!


Head inside the Wisconsin Union to create your own Madison masterpiece. From the heart of student-run Wheelhouse Studios, you’ll capture the iconic scene of sunburst chairs in front of the peaceful waters of Lake Mendota.


Learn from a skilled student artist as they lead you step-by-step from canvas to creation. Artists of all skill levels are welcome to join.


Afterward, kick back and relax on the Terrace! Get painting! Workshops available daily by request.


This is an Essential Madison Experience, a hands-on experience designed just for you. It's authentic, immersive and uniquely Madison. Click to see the full collection.

Essential Madison Experience
  • Arts & Culture:
  • Availability: Daily; please provide 10 business days' notice. For special requests and large group bookings, please call the partner directly.
  • Cost: $45 per person
  • Kids & Families:
  • Maximum # of Participants: 45
  • Minimum # Participants: 8
  • Private Group Bookings: