Madison, WI: Easy to connect. Impossible to forget. 

Our lake-city-lake landscape creates a one-of-a-kind meeting place—and plenty of fresh-air fun when the sessions are done. From the 29 acres of green space at Alliant Energy Center’s Willow Island to our lakeside, LEED-certified Monona Terrace convention center, ours is a destination designed with green meetings in mind. Attract record-setting attendance by planning your meeting in walkable, sustainable, unforgettable Madison.

Two kayaks with people on them float in the distance on Lake Monona in front of Monona Terrace

Sustainable & Walkable

5 lakes. 100+ LEED-certified buildings. 200+ miles of biking and hiking trails. 270 parks. 300+ restaurants, shops and attractions within a mile of Monona Terrace. Here, sustainability isn’t just a trend—it’s a tradition.

People grab for cheese on a cheese board surrounded by glasses of cider

27 James Beard semi-finalists in the last 10 years. Top 5 Best Drinking Cities in the World. 1 restaurant for every 506 people. Our food scene is always fresh thanks to a collaborative culture between local growers and chefs.

An overhead view of the Garver Feed Mill patio at night, lit up with lights and lots of tables and a stage with a band

12,000 regional hotel rooms and nearly 100 additional meeting venues to match your vibe, from historic to modern to boutique-y to luxury. Each is an opportunity to inject personality into your itinerary.

Bascom Hall

All the amenities that come with being a capital city are multiplied by being home to UW-Madison, too. This Top 10 research institution and a progressive mindset have earned us a reputation for innovation.

A man smiles at a person out of frame as he adds food to his plate at a buffet line at a meeting.

We've got a growing database designed with meeting planner needs in mind! It features 80+ partners ready to assist with everything from signage and security to promo items and photography.

A group of three people chat and laugh on the rooftop of Monona Terrace with the lake and sunset in the background.

From “most attendees in a decade” and “best-ever conference” meeting planner reviews to rankings such as #4 Greenest Cities in the U.S. and #2 Happiest Cities in America, we’re rocking reviews and rankings.

New and Coming Soon

From adding 3 gates and more flights at Dane County Regional Airport to the sustainable Lake Monona Waterfront Design plan that potentially expands Monona Terrace and entertainment options on its surrounding shoreline to opening the nine-story, 260-room Embassy Suites across the street, Madison is getting even easier to get to—and harder to leave behind.