Why Meet in Madison?

What do you get when you bring your engineering meeting to Madison? Access to one of America's premier STEM cities.

We're an incubator of ideas. Of Nobel Prize winners and innovative design. A city ripe with tools and talent.

See what we have to offer.

Peers Who Brought Their Meetings Here:

  • U.S. Fusion Energy Science Community Workshop
  • American Nuclear Society
  • Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center
  • Cryogenic Engineering Conference

Number of Speakers

UW-Madison has 18 expert speakers in engineering and physics. For a full list, visit Badger Talks.

Notable Achievements

  • Top 10 in research expenditures in colleges of engineering across the country
  • More than 15 consecutive years with more than 100 patent disclosures
  • More than 10 annual recipients of College of Engineering awards for outstanding teaching, research and service
  • #6 Best Areas for STEM Professionals — WalletHub

Famous Figures Educated in Madison

  • Nobel Prize-winning physicist John Bardeen invented the transistor leading to advances in superconductivity.
  • Nobel Prize-winning physicist Jack St. Clair Kilby co-invented the integrated circuit.
  • Patrick Hanrahan developed Pixar's RenderMan animation software.
  • Michael Dhuey co-invented Macintosh II and the iPod.
  • Edward Schildhauer, chief electrical and mechanical engineer on the Panama Canal project
  • Will Harley, founder of Harley-Davidson
  • Richard Rhode won NASA Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement
  • Charles Lindberg — first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean

Building the Future of the Industry

16,000 undergraduate students and 1,600 graduate students enroll at UW-Madison annually

Additional Resources

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